Complete suite of services

Our scope of services covers web, mobile and software integrations making us a one stop shop for your software needs.

Enterprise software

We build custom software solutions to solve just about every business challenge. We offer a comprehensive package to all your software needs so you can focus on your core business.

Mobile solutions

We build mobile software solutions such as apps, SMS, USSD & voice applications to aid in business development. We have the right skills for both Android and iOS developments.

API Integrations

We take the pain out of software & API integrations. We understand the principles guiding API integrations and can assist businesses with the implementation of third party APIs.

1. Planning stage

We empathize with the client to understand their problems and determine the issues they face.

2. Gather the info

This stage involves gathering info from stakeholders and seeking the opinions of everyone involved.

3. Plan structure

Once all data has been gathered, we plan the structure for the solution we wish to provide.

4. Design process

The design process involves building the actual software whiles maintaining stakeholder involvement.

5. Testing stage

On completion of the solution, we subject it to a rigorous testing regime to ensure everything works.

6. Launch

Once all is complete, we setup, install and train the users before handing over to management.

Our focus

We use complex technologies to provide simple solutions to problems faced by businesses.


We hold discussions to ascertain the problems or challenges to be tackled. At this stage, we determine the shape of the project, what it entails and the development timelines.


We blend deep understanding of software technologies with customer insights and feedback. The end result is software that meets the demands of our clients.


Continuous support and maintenance is key to every system. This is why we stick around after launch to ensure nothing goes wrong three or four months down the line.

Let's deliver the right solution for your business