Our Products

All our products can be tailored to suit your business needs.


Customer Experience

Oxigin, an AI powered customer experience system, extracts data about customer experiences and informs managers about customer expectations from feedback collected. This QR code solution bridges the gap between you and your customer’s perceived value of your service.


Expense Manager

Let employees record expenses when they are on the go. Coindrops lets your employees also easily request refunds for out of pocket expenses made for your business. With our intuitive dashboard, you get a bird's eye-view of all the information you need to make vital decisions.


Enterprise Messaging

BigMsgBox is a self service platform that allows you to send bulk sms to all your contacts at anytime. You can also schedule your messages for a later date or integrate via our developer API and send messages from your third party solutions.


Mobile Insurance

Serena allows insurance companies to keep their customer base fully engaged. Businesses can send transanctional alert messages for payments, claims and policy renewals. Serena also lets customers purchase insurance policies online and via a USSD short code.